Brodie System, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide you with both in-press cylinder repairs and complete reconditioning.

How We Can Help You.

Three Piece Can Technology

  • Cylinder reconditioning.
  • Cylinder extensions-width or length.
  • Cylinder journals replaced, crushed gaps repaired.
  • Cylinders repaired in the press.
  • Ink fountain roll rebuilds, stainless steel or ceramic.
  • Complete rebuilds of ink fountains.
  • Copper rolls, rebuilt or new.
  • Ceramic water pan rolls.
  • Ink stand rebuilding.
  • Bearing Boxes, rebuilt or exchange.
  • Cylinder parts.
  • Cams 10 1/2 & 12 1/2 G.A.
  • New cylinder gears mechanical or spring style.
  • Cylinder gear modifications
  • Coater roll rebuilds.
  • Fabrication of new coater rolls.
  • Specialized press rebuilds-in our facility or yours.
  • Specialized coater rebuilds.
  • Special projects.

Two Piece Can Technology

  • D & I plate and blanket cylinder rebuilding.
  • New plate cylinder fabrication.
  • Stainless steel oscillator rolls reconditioned or new.
All makes and models of equipment are rebuilt including: Hoe®, Crabtree®, Harris®, Mailander®, Planeta®, Wagner® and Rutherford.




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