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Emergency Repairs

Since 1929, Brodie System Inc. has specialized in EMERGENCY repairs, reconditioning, and machining of all types of industrial and printing equipment.  Emergency repairs are completed on short notice with minimal loss of production time.  Whether on-site or in-shop, we clean and inspect your part(s), perform the necessary repairs, and deliver your parts back to you with the shortest turnaround.

Emergency Repairs


With over 88 years experience, Brodie System, Inc. is equipped to handle your “Emergency Repairs” with our rush delivery service.  Throughout the process, we maintain clear and constant communications with our customers about the status of their repairs.  In addition to quality workmanship, we are able to produce outstanding repairs with:

  • Exceptionally short lead times
  • Immediate service
  • Job-shop capabilities
  • All processes done in house
  • Numerous machines of different size jobs for each process
  • Responsive customer service
  • Local pickup and delivery
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