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Metal Decorating Cylinder, Press, and Parts Reconditioning

Brodie System, Inc., a leading service provider to the metal decorating industry, expertly restores worn and damaged printing equipment back into service.  All makes and models, cylinders, rolls, bearing housings & eccentrics plus a variety of other press parts and precisely reconditioned.  Our Cylinder Exchange program consists of cylinders with various cutoff lengths and widths that are reconditioned and left oversized, ready to be immediately ground to customer’s specifications and shipped.

Emergency Repairs

  • Cylinders reconditioned and modified; cylinders exchanged
  • Complete reconditioning of plate, blanket, and impression cylinders
  • Broken journals replaced
  • Crushed gaps repaired
  • Cylinder extensions and modification projects including conversion of Impression cylinders
  • Stock Exchange cylinders in 36″, 38 1/2″ and 45″ press widths for immediate shipment
  • Two-piece cylinders reconditioned
  • Shafts in stock or D&I blanket cylinders to expedite repairs
  • Blanket cylinder and shafts reconditioned; new journals installed
  • Magnetic Plate cylinder journals repaired
  • Complete press and coater rebuilds

  • Chrome Water rolls reconditioned or fabricated new
  • Vibrator, Oscillating, and Ink Drums reconditioned in Copper or fabricated new
  • Scraper / Fountain and Distribution (metering) rolls reconditioned or fabricated new – Wagner rolls in stock
  • Bearings Reclaimed
  • Gears in stock
  • Punch press components repaired and/or fabricated new
  • Ink Fountains rebuilt – rolls reconditioned; side cheeks machined and fitted; split bronze bushings replaced and fitted; blades and thumb screws replaced
  • Littell® Metal Coil Handling Equipment repaired or fabricated new
  • Unwinders, rewinders, splitters, straighteners, coil-shafts, expansion mandrills, etc.
  • Metal Coil Entry and rewind equipment repaired and/or fabricated new
  • Bearing Housings – ID’s and OD’s reconditioned

In-Press Cylinder Repairs

  • Avoid expensive downtime and disassembly
  • Resurface and refinish cylinders damaged by bolts, nuts, wrenches, etc.
  • Fast and reliable emergency repairs done by our expert technicians
  • Repairs performed around your press production schedules

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