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Printing Cylinder, Roll, and Parts Reconditioning

Proudly serving the Printing Industry for over 88 years, Brodie System, Inc. specializes in reconditioning web and sheet fed printing cylinders, rolls, bearing housings/eccentrics, as well as full print cassette rebuilds.  All sizes, makes and models are worked on – from Didde to KBA Rapida 205.  Enhancements and modifications are performed during the rebuild process to extend part life and increase performance while exacting tolerances are help to meet or exceed even the manufacturers’ specifications.  We also offer in-press cylinder repairs for damage caused by bolts, wrenches, screws, paper jams, etc.  Rapid turnaround and emergency repairs are our specialty, to keep downtime to a minimum.

Emergency Repairs

Cylinder, Rolls, and Press Parts

  • All makes, models, and sizes
  • All types of cylinders reconditioned – Plate, Blanket, Impression, Transfer, Infeed, Folder, etc.
  • Magnetic die-cutting, cross-perf, and anvil cylinders; tapered bearers replaced and ground to spec.
  • Cylinders reconditioned in stainless steel, chrome, ceramic, etc.
  • Cylinder modifications
  • Broken cylinder journals replaced
  • Ink fountain assemblies repaired
  • Crushed or broken gaps restored, machined, and ground to specification
  • Gaps restored with UltraGap®
  • Straight/tapered bearing journal sections ground; Bearings preloaded to spec
  • Bodies and bearers ground in bearings to ensure concentricity
  • All types and sizes of rolls repaired or fabricated new – copper, chrome, stainless, ceramic, carbide
  • Bearing Housing / eccentrics / double eccentrics repaired
  • Draw, pinch, nip, anvil rollers reconditioned or fabricated new
  • Press and cylinder parts repaired / fabricated new
  • Bearer replacement

Printing Cassette Units

  • All makes, models and sizes of print units
  • Cross-perf and Magnetic Die-cutting units
  • Line-hole punch units
  • Full inspections completed – cylinder sizes and runouts, frame bore / housing sizes
  • Cylinders reconditioned; bearers replaced
  • Frame bores line-bored in horizontal boring mills
  • Bearing eccentrics / housings reconditioned
  • Worn ID’s and OD’s are reconditioned back to factory specifications, or OD’s are ground oversize to fit new bore size of your frame
  • Bearings and seals replaced
  • Complete final inspections to check for runout, parallelism between cylinders, pressure settings, and side register movements

In-Press Cylinder Repairs

  • Avoid expensive downtime and disassembly
  • Resurface and refinish cylinders damaged by bolts, nuts, wrenches, etc.
  • Fast and reliable emergency repairs done by our expert technicians
  • Repairs performed around your press production schedules

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