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Printing Cassette Units

Brodie System, Inc. specializes in repairing and reconditioning of variable size print press cassette units, along with finishing cartridges including Magnetic Die, Cross Perforating, Anvil, Numbering, and line-hole punching units. From simple repairs or adjustments to complete overhauls, Brodie is uniquely qualified to offer high-quality services for any budget.

Cassette and Print Unit Overhaul Specialists

  • Extensive inspection upon arrival and completion
  • Complete disassembly of unit
  • Parts cleaned, polished and/or painted
  • Damaged parts repaired or replaced
  • Frames tested for cracks
  • Frames are line-bored in horizontal boring mills
  • Frames are painted and prepared for cylinders
  • Cylinders fully inspected after being removed from unit
  • Cylinder reconditioning in stainless steel, chrome, ceramic
  • Crushed or broken gaps restored, machined and ground to specification
  • Bent journals repaired, broken journals replaced
  • Bodies and bearers ground in bearing to assure concentricity
  • Unit reassembled with reconditioned cylinders
  • All parts are checked for proper adjustments
  • Complete final inspection to check for parallelism between cylinders, pressure settings and side register movements
  • Localized spot repairs offered without full disassembly
  • Volume discounts offered

Components Repaired / Rebuilt

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