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Printing Cylinder, Rolls, and Press Parts

Brodie System, Inc. has dedicated itself to proudly serving the graphic arts industry since 1929.  We pride ourselves on being one of the top cylinder rebuilders in the country.  All makes and models of printing cylinders, rolls and parts are expertly reconditioned in our fully equipped rebuild facility.  The following represents specific standards that our customers rely upon and expect when choosing Brodie System, Inc. as their vendor of choice.

Printing Cylinder, Rolls, and Press Parts

  • All makes, models, and sizes
  • All types of cylinders reconditioned – Plate, Blanket, Impression, Transfer, Infeed, Folder, etc.
  • Magnetic die-cutting, cross-perf, and anvil cylinders; tapered bearers replaced and ground to spec.
  • Cylinders reconditioned in stainless steel, chrome, ceramic, etc.
  • Cylinder modifications
  • Broken cylinder journals replaced
  • Ink fountain assemblies repaired
  • Crushed or broken gaps restored, machined, and ground to specification Gaps restored with UltraGap®
  • Straight/tapered bearing journal sections ground; Bearings preloaded to spec
  • Bodies and bearers ground in bearings to ensure concentricity
  • All types and sizes of rolls repaired or fabricated new – copper, chrome, stainless, ceramic, carbide
  • Bearing Housing / eccentrics / double eccentrics repaired
  • Draw, pinch, nip, anvil rollers reconditioned or fabricated new
  • Press and cylinder parts repaired / fabricated new

Components Repaired / Rebuilt

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