Printing Cylinder Reconditioning.
Brodie System, Inc. can minimize costly downtime by working to your production schedule. Expertise, craftsmanship and attention to details are only part of the commitment we make to all of our customers.

A recognized leader in the field of cylinder reconditioning, Brodie System Inc. has served the printing industry of the Western Hemisphere since 1929. Our staff of highly skilled specialists, utilizing state of the art equipment and methodology, prides itself in achieving grinding tolerances which are often more exacting than manufacturer's specifications.

Located in a modern, spacious facility, Brodie System rebuilds every make, model and size of printing cylinder. Our technical services include: straightening, and replacing journals; repairing broken or collapsed gaps; bearer replacement; line boring press frames; repairing worn ink fountains and rebuilding bearing housings.

A Brodie reconditioned cylinder is frequently superior to a new one because of the advanced coatings applied during the Brodie Reconditioning Process. Brodie can keep your presses printing quality work longer with less downtime. Attention to detail is the hallmark of the Brodie Reconditioning Process.

First, we completely disassemble, clean and inspect the cylinder for size, runout and general condition. The cylinder is then magnafluxed for cracks prior to an exacting visual and instrument inspection.

Next, a detailed inspection report is presented via telephone and followed with a written copy and notation transmitted by facsimile or mail.

Then, the body journals and bearer seats are prepared for metallizing utilizing a precision lathe to undercut a specified amount from the surface. A rough threading and grit blasting procedure follows to greatly enhance the bond strength of the metal sprayed coating.

When this is complete a unique nickel-aluminum alloy bond coating is applied to the freshly rough threaded surface to maximize bond strength and to protect against delamination. A wide variety of wires, ceramics and powders can be sprayed and all are fully guaranteed.

After the coating has cooled to room temperature, the metal sprayed surfaces are rough ground in a cylindrical grinder. The cylinder is then cleaned of excess metal spray and the gap is brought back to specification by machining or grinding.

Following an inspection of new parts, the cylinder is reassembled. New bearers are installed to manufacturer's specifications to ensure proper fit and prevent premature failure. Cylinder balance is checked prior to grinding.

Lastly, body and bearers are finish ground according to the most exacting quality control procedures.


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